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SmartMate CarPlayAssist™

SmartMate CarPlayAssist™

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Watch CarPlayAssist™ in Action:

what's included?

  • CarPlay Box
  • Suction Cup Stand
  • Auto-Recording DashCam available only on the pro version Car play Pro
  • AUX Cord + Cigarette Port plug 🔌
  • User instructions manual 📖
  • USB charging ports


Screen: 7.5" - Height: 4.5"

We have design the height and width to prevent any obscutions while driving

Does the carplay connect to my car speaker?

Yes, it does via the provided AUX Cord🔌 orFM Transmission 📻

You can also connect the sound using an FM transmitter. FM Transmitter Operation Guide:

  1. Select a frequency for transmission on the carplay system, such as FM 93.6MHz. Ensure that the chosen frequency doesn't overlap with local broadcast frequencies to prevent signal interference. 
  2. Tune the original car radio to the specified transmission frequency, FM 93.6MHz in this example. 
  3. Now, the audio from the carplay system will be transmitted through the car's sound system.

Installation Process

Step-by-step installation guide for CarPlay™


Step 1: Unboxing

- open the CarPlay™ package to reveal its contents.
- Ensure that you have all the necessary components: Screen/ device, mounting accessories, power cable, and user manual.


Step 2: Mounting

- Choose a suitable location in your vehicle to mount the CarPlay™. Common options include the dashboard or windshield.
- Attach the mounting bracket to the selected location using the provided adhesive or suction cup, following the manufacturer's instructions.


Step 3: Power Connection

- Plug the CarPlay™ device into your vehicle's cigarette lighter or 12V power outlet using the included power cable.
- Ensure the device is securely connected and the cable is neatly routed to avoid obstructions.


Step 4: Removing the Protective Cover

- Gently peel off the protective plastic cover from the CarPlay™ screen, revealing the high-resolution display.


Step 5: Pairing with Smartphone

- Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone and ensure that Wi-Fi and mobile data are active for optimal performance.
- Follow the instructions in the CarPlay™ user manual to pair your smartphone with the CarPlay™ device.


Step 6: Fine-Tuning

- Adjust the mounting position and angle if necessary to achieve the best visibility and ease of use.
- Customize any additional settings, such as display brightness and voice control preferences.



You've successfully installed and set up your CarPlay™ device, enhancing your driving experience with convenience and safety. Enjoy your smarter, safer, and more enjoyable rides! 🚗🌟


  • It is compatible with any car with a cigarette port!  Every car has one!
  • Supports both iOS and Android!
  • Compatible with Any Car
  • Secure Checkout

ğŸ“ž Hands-free calls and texts with Siri and Google Assist.

ğŸŽ§ Stream podcasts, music, Netflix, and more.

🍏🤖 Compatible with both Apple and Android devices.


 All orders are shipped from our warehouses in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. Orders are processed in 1 to 3 business days

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Tired of your old car's Outdated radio?

Upgrade your car to modern age with CarPlay range of features to your car, including hands-free calling, messaging, and navigation, as well as access to your music library and other apps.

With CarPlay, you'll be up and running in no time, enjoying the convenience of a fully integrated car experience.

User-Friendly and Clutter-Free: Stay Focused, Stay Safe

We understand the importance of a user-friendly and clutter-free car interior. CarPlay ensures that you can focus on what matters most – your drive. Say goodbye to messy cables and distractions.

Our product keeps your car organized and user-friendly, providing a streamlined experience. Stay safe, stay connected, and enjoy a clutter-free journey with CarPlay.

Configured for right or left hand drive vehicles

You can change the setting of the side bar from the head unit of the car.

You can choose to have the CarPlay home button and dock on the right hand side of the screen,

which is more convenient for right hand drive drivers. You can also change the orientation of the Google Maps card and the other widgets on the dashboard.

  • James D.

    "I cannot believe I was going to spend $800 for a mechanic to replace a radio for me! The CarBuddy is an affordable, easy and simple solution."

  • Dean T.

    "The quality is exceptional and it took me less than a minute to install (literally). The back-up camera makes reversing at ease!"

  • Mohammed F.

    "I was tired of looking down on my phone while driving. And it has all my favorite apps including Spotify and maps."

Frequently Asked Questions

1. CarPlay screen display 

2. Portable & adjustable mount 

3. Cigarette lighter cable 

4. Back-up camera 

5. Screen bracket cover for sunny days

How do I connect the CarPlay to my car?

To connect the CarPlay to your car, simply plug the provided cable into your car's cigarette port. The CarPlay will automatically be powered on every time your car's ignition is turned on. Use the provided mount to mount the CarPlay screen onto your dashboard or windshield.

1. Attach the mount to the back of the CarPlay screen 

2. Choose a mounting location (Dashboard or windshield) 

3. Connect the CarPlay to car's cigarette port using the provided cable 

4. Pair with Smartphone via Bluetooth 

5. Drive with fully-functional CarPlay/Android Auto!

To connect your phone to the CarPlay, simply pair your phone via Bluetooth. The display will now automatically have a CarPlay/Android Auto interface.

The CarPlay comes with any app that's compatible with Apple or Android. These apps include any music app, your favorite navigation app, messages, phone calls and more!.

No! The CarPlay is a portable touch screen that does not interfere with any hardware within your car.

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